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Meet Debbie

Hey! I'm Deb. I can't wait to welcome you to my boutique. 
Debbie 1.jpeg

You were probably expecting someone plus size to run a plus size consignment boutique, right? Well, you're not wrong. After being faced with a history of Type 2 Diabetes in my family, I decided it was time to take control of my health and I lost more than fifty pounds. But that hasn't changed my heart. I know what it is to be frustrated with my clothing options and uncomfortable when I do make a choice from the options in front of me. I am here to provide you affordable plus size clothing and help you curate a wardrobe that leaves you feeling not just comfortable. I want you to be confident. 

After a decades long career in running a small business with my husband, I decided now was the time to pursue this passion. I cannot wait to meet you, spend some time getting to know your style, and helping you craft a closet to be proud of. 

See you soon!


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